This page is filled with questions that many people have about using A-1 Carpet Cleaning. Browse through to see if your questions are answered If they are not contact us here.

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Any recommendations for Pet stain and odor removal ?

We love our pets but occasionally they have accidents. The key here is quick and early clean-up. Use a large towel folded in square, place over spot and apply foot pressure to absorb wetness from carpet to towel. Continue until spot is completely dry. Spray a generous mixture of 3 parts water 1 part White Vinegar, on effected area, Repeat blotting with towel. There is a product called Urine Be Gone that many of my customers have been very pleased with the results. Remember always test before using. www.urinebegone.com

Does Scotchgard really work ?

Applying Scotchgard forms a protective barrier on the carpet. Spots and spills land on the Scotchgard instead of penetrating into the fibers.

How often should I have my Carpets Cleaned ?

Carpet Manufacturers recommend carpet cleaned every 12 months. This Keeps the warranty intact and prolongs the life of the carpet. The longer soil is allowed to stay on the carpet the better chance it has to cause wear and staining on the traffic areas.

I have Purchased Stain Resistant Carpet. Do I need Scotchgard reapplied ?

Stain Resistant Carpet over the years, due to normal wear,  loses its stain resistant properties. For example, 3 year old carpet may have 75% of its stain resistant properties. It is a good idea to reapply Scotchgard to bring it back up to the 100% level of protection.

I purchased new carpet but I’m afraid to have it cleaned. They say once you have it cleaned it seems to get dirtier quicker.

The culprit here is Detergent Residue.  Most cleaners spray their detergents and water all in one step. As a result the detergent left behind on the carpet acts like a magnet and attracts soil. This causes spots to reappear. In my system, I incorporate a Clear Hot Water Rinse in the final step in my cleaning process. Hot Water Rinse removes not only the soil but also the detergents as well.  This prevents spots from reappearing and keeps the carpets cleaner longer.

What Spot removal chemicals do you recommend ?

For normal soiling I recommend Woolite Spot and Stain Removal.
For grease, crayon, ink or anything oil based I recommend OOPS, Found at True Value Stores.
Remember, do not apply directly to spot. Apply to the finger tips of a damp rag and work from the outside in. Once the spot is removed use another damp rag to remove the detergents.


What type of Carpet do you recommend for Rentals ?

I highly recommend Berber Carpeting. Berber has very high Stain resistant properties. Berber has a tight loop pile which is also wear resistant as well. I have cleaned many a rental with Berber Carpeting with excellent results.